Business Ethics Consulting Center

Business Ethics Consulting Center operates the Consultee Protection Program so that anyone can receive consultation and make reports without fear.
Contents of consultation and reports are registered and processed in an undisclosed manner, and the identity of consultee and contents of
report are thoroughly protected.

  • Identity protection of consultee and strict protection of consultation content by law and company regulations
    • Disclosing the identity of consultee and cooperator of investigation along with consultation content is prohibited without obtaining the consent of the consultee
    • Guarantee of confidentiality regarding consultee and consultation content during the process of fact checking and reward and punishment progress
    • Punishment regulations for executives and employees who violated the duty of identity protection and confidentiality guarantee
    • Consultee identity and consultation content may be provided and/or disclosed externally only in the following cases:
      • ·When provision or disclosure is required by law;
      • ·When providing to external legal experts for legal advice on consultation content after signing a non-disclosure agreement
  • Efforts to protect and prohibit discrimination against consultees and informants
    • Promise of no retaliation against executives and employees who consulted or reported violations of law and company regulations as well as executives and employees who cooperated in investigations of reported matters
    • Compensation possible for direct financial disadvantages which may occur as a result of consulting or reporting
    • Consultee protection program applies to executives and employees who turned down an unjust request or coercion in relation to misconduct
  • Compensation and immunity for consultees
    • Compensation possible in accordance with regulations on provision of monetary compensation after conducting fact checking procedure not only for executives and employees of Naver Corporation/related companies but also for regular citizens
      (Maximum compensation amount: KRW 50,000,000)
    • Possible immunity or reduction and exemption in the case of punishment of or disciplinary action on consultees who committed acts that violated Business ethics including misconduct, etc. but reported their own misconduct
      (Reduction and exemption regulations on self-reports)