Business Ethics Consulting Center

If you are aware of any unethical (or suspected to be unethical) behaviors by employees of 네이버㈜ and its affiliates,
please report or consult online with Business Ethics Consulting Center.

  • Unfair processing of work and unjust request using a superior position
  • Request for joint acquisitions of assets or cash loan, etc.
  • Absence of fairness in the selection of cooperating companies and
    items of complaint in relation to contracts
  • Dishonesty and corruption including misappropriation of company funds or misuse of company’s asset, etc
  • Items of complaint in relation to accounting
    (fabrication of data, payment delay, etc.)
  • Leaking of company information and unjust obtainment of other company’s confidential information
  • Act of receiving money and valuables·entertainment·convenience
  • Other acts that violate business ethics or hinder a healthy corporate culture
  • In all circumstances, contents of consultation and report will be treated confidentially in order to protect the identity of consultee or informant.
  • If the contents are not specific and the facts are not clear, it may be difficult to proceed with the investigation. Please answer as specifically as possible.
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Contents of Consultation/Report

Contents of Consultation/Report

You can write contents for a maximum of 3000 characters can be entered including spaces in Detailed Contents.


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If you are attaching multiple files, register them after compressing the files.

Consultee or Informant Information

Consultee or Informant Information
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Notice on the collection and use of personal information

  • 네이버㈜ and its affiliated companies collect personal information as listed below to assist reporting and the consequent follow-ups on unfair processing of work, unjust request taking advantage of one’s status, etc. You may check in as an ‘anonymous’ user if you wish so. Personal information to be collected as listed below is jointly processed by NAVER Corporation and its affiliated companies to which relevant reported executives and/or employees belong.
  • 1. Personal information to be collected
    - Name, phone number, email, password to check the status of the case later on
    (Personally identifiable information is not collected when in the case of checking in as an anonymous user).
  • 2. Purpose of collection and use of personal information: To have a systematic communication on the issue(s) reported, etc.
  • 3. Retention period of the personal data collected: Relevant personal information in question will be destroyed in a way that assures the irreversibility of the original data within six months after the purpose of personal information collection and use has been achieved.
  • 4. The user can reject the terms explained as above and check in with anonymity, instead
  • When issues arise in the area not explained fully above, those issues will be dealt with according to the privacy policy of NAVER Corporation. The same goes with the affiliated companies.