Business Ethics Consulting Center

If you are aware of any unethical (or suspected to be unethical) behaviors by employees of 네이버㈜ and its affiliates,
please report or consult online with Business Ethics Consulting Center.

  • Embezzlement including misappropriation of company funds or misuse of
    company’s asset
  • Accounting frauds such as manipulation of Accounting data, unreasonable
    delays in payment, etc.
  • Leak of confidential information of the company and acquirement of
    confidential information of other companies by improper means
  • Human rights violations such as workplace harassment or sexual harassment among members
  • Abuse of superior business power in requesting quid pro quo or resulting unfair
    business outcome due to the refusal of requests or unjust demands
  • improper solicitation and/or graft such as receiving money, valuables,
    entertainment or convenience
  • requests for joint acquisition of property and/or requests for money loan, etc.
  • Violations of laws such as the Fair Trade Act, complaints about human rights violations through violations of corporate ethics, etc.

* Business Ethics Consulting Center is available 24/7.

In addition to the above, Business Ethics Consulting Center cannot process the service-related inquiries/inconveniences and customer center-related matters (hereinafter referred to as "general service inquiries").
Therefore, if Business Ethics Consulting Center determines that the reported item is more suitable for one of "general service inquiries" rather than business ethics violation cases by the employees of NAVER or its affiliates, details of the consultation (contents, name of the consultee, contact information, NAVER ID, etc.) may be transferred to the responsible department through the internal system of NAVER or its affiliates.
The responsible department that has received the "general service inquiries" from Business Ethics Consulting Center will review the details of consultation and reply directly to the consultee.
If you do not agree to the above condition, Business Ethics Consulting Center may close the “general service inquiries” case without transferring it to the responsible department.